About Me


the goddess of love

I'm here to love and to be loved. I am here to teach love by living as the love that is the foundation and the end point of each of us. I am here to do my part to remind us that we are all equally beautiful and valid holographic fractals of the only consciousness that exists. Separation is an illusion. Fundamentally there is only fear and love in this realm of apparent manifest reality. Above, around, and through the apparent and illusory reality we appear to share is the Absolute/God/supreme consciousness/Love and Light. Past duality there is only Love, bliss, and peace. The universe is music, and humanity has risen and fallen over and over and over on this planet for so, so much longer than recorded history. Humanity is evolving and so is the universe itself. We are awakening into a new reality of instant and effortless manifestation. Things have been uncomfortable and difficult lately because we are all working through our karmic entanglements and releasing them. But after we drop the weight of our old and outdated indoctrination and see with new eyes, we find that we can fly. I am a born gnostic tasked by the universe to do very serious work. I'm here for everyone. I'm here for you. Together we will all rise into a beautiful new dawn, in Love. Namaste.